ADX Soundtracks

~From Orochi Herman

Not all of you may know what an ADX file is, but it is a waveform file format capable of infinitely looping music. To put it short, you can specify which point in the music should play ad infinitum. This format was developed and owned by CRI Middleware, Inc, and what sets it apart, is that it can produce lossless looping music files. This format also can concurrently perform with other tasks, in other system platforms, and is highly-optimized. This format is still in use today, and is fast becoming the most-preferred audio format by game developers.

ADX are used in Dreamcast, GameCube and PS2 games. They're also in use in Naomi and Atomiswave, for BGMs. Their usage is not limited to music, however.

And now, with a recent discovery, you can now harness ADX for your MUGEN BGMs!

Why use ADX?

1. It loops indefinitely!
2. Saves on disk space.
3. You can still use and play it outside M.U.G.E.N!
4. Better and lossless quality than MP3!

Read the Readme.txt for more info..
- All of the following downloads are stage music only.
  1. Capcom Vs SNK 2
  2. Eternal Fighter Zero
  3. Garou: Mark of the Wolves
  4. Guilty Gear XX Part 1 / Guilty Gear XX Part 2
  5. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
  6. The King of Fighter XI / The King of Fighters XI Extra
  7. Marvel Vs Capcom 2
  8. Melty Blood Act Cadenza
  9. Melty Blood Promised Dawn
  10. Power Instinct Matrimelee
  11. Real Bout Fatal Fury Special Part 1 / Real Bout Fatal Fury Special Part 2 / Real Bout Special Extra
  12. Rival Schools
  13. SNK Vs Capcom: Chaos
  14. Street Fighter Alpha III Part 1 / Street Fighter Alpha III Part 2
  15. Street Fighter III Third Strike Part 1 / Street Fighter III Third Strike Part 2
  16. Street Fighter IV Collector's Edition Part 1 / Street Fighter IV Collector's Edition Part 2
  17. Vampire Savior
  18. Samurai Showdown IV
  19. Mortal Kombat II 
  20. Scarlet Weather Rhapsody Part 1 / Scarlet Weather Rhapsody Part 2
  21. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Hyperstone Heist
  22. Final Fantasy XIII - Blinded by Light (Battle theme)